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For a variety of reasons, it is sometimes necessary for a company to look outside the organization for a new CEO. Whether there are internal problems that require "new blood" or because rapid change in the industry creates new requirements for a leader, it is often advantageous to hire an executive recruiter.

Dennis Carey specializes in the recruitment of CEOs and corporate directors. In recent years, Dennis has conducted searches for the current CEOs of 3M, Tyco International, Unisys (previous CEO, not current), MCI, and American Standard, among others. Dennis also has conducted board director searches for dozens of companies, including American Express, CBS, Tyco International (entire new board).

Dennis C. Carey holds a Ph.D. in finance and administration from the University of Maryland and was a post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University in 1982-1983. Dennis also has held visiting Fellowships at Princeton Theological Seminary and the ECC. He has authored numerous articles on corporate governance, director recruitment, board compensation (Directors & Boards magazine), and business strategy related to spin-offs (McKinsey Quarterly). He also has published three books: CEO Succession and The Human Side of M&A, both published by Oxford University Press in 2000, and How to Run a Company, published by Crown Business in 2003.

You can reach Dennis Carey at Korn Ferry International at 215-656-5348 or by emailing his executive assistant, Donna Gregor (